The all-in-one bot for Slack for tech startups working async.

Coordinate who is deploying using slash commands!

Formiga Bot IconDeploy

Coordinate whose turn is to deploy.


  • Use /formigabot-deploy app to get in the queue to deploy an app
  • Use /formigabot-deploy me to see all apps you're deploying
  • Let the next in line deploy by pressing Done or Leave
  • Use /formigabot-deploy status to see the status of all apps being deployed
  • Upcoming
  • Reminders after 10, 20, 30 minutes. Are you still deploying?
  • Someone is deploying but is offline? Use /formigabot-deploy yolo app to replace them with yourself.
  • Only allow deploys from a predefined list of apps.

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The all-in-one bot you need to support your team's needs and be productive asynchronously.

What is included

  • Deploy Bot
  • Upcoming
  • Standup Bot
  • Poll Bot
  • Suggest a bot!


USD per month

For early adopters while we're in beta & building bots.

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